Monday, September 1, 2014

Education Changes the Future

"Road sign to education and future"
My name is Evan DiMambro and I have just started my sophomore year at high school. This blog will be a journal/portfolio for my Honors History class this year.

I’ve had a lot of good teachers in my life that helped me learn new things and become a better person and learner. Even though I have had a few teachers that weren’t my favorite, good teachers always stick out more to me and I respect them greatly to this day. What makes a teacher great is when they care about their job and their students. It is important that teachers want to see their students succeed. When I think of some of my favorite teachers, qualities that come to my mind include selflessness and kindness. They always equally treated every student with respect and had no obvious favorites. Also, a good quality is to be organized. I have had teachers that lose worksheets constantly or put in an incorrect grade on Edline and never end up changing it. To support me this year, there is nothing specific I need besides being clear about due dates and directions for assignments.

I personally enjoyed the John Green video we watched. It made me more grateful that we have the opportunity to get an education every day. I agree with his statement and think we do need to use our education to achieve things in our lives. He is right, we do need education to run the world and create new things. I thought it was funny that he said he doesn’t want to be surrounded with stupid people, which is why he likes to pay taxes for schools, and I agree with him. My goals for this year are to get more involved and attempt to not take my education for granted. I think too many kids, including me, get carried away and focus on how hard certain classes are and how hot the school is in the Summer, or how we have way too much homework for a certain class. Even though I will find myself complaining this year, I will think about my future and how just studying for this little test might change my future. I also want to get involved in more clubs and extracurricular activities. 

John Green's open letter to students:


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